August 11, 2017

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I believe that thoughts become feelings, feelings become actions and actions become our ultimate DESTINY! 

If you change your thinking, your life will change too!


My name is Nico Leban, I am based in Glasgow and I provide a range of quick and effective therapies including HypnotherapyNLP and Life Coaching.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with any Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Weight Loss, Relationships or Unwanted Habits and Behaviors and you don’t know which way to turn here you are in exactly the right place to sort this out. 

All of my therapies are soft, calm and relaxing and typically clients only need 1-3 sessions. Below are a few examples of the type of issues clients come to me with although the list is much more comprehensive.

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Solve Relationship Challenges

Successful Relationships are key to a happy, satisfying and successful life, for all of us. The very unique tools that I use are great to help you develop your interpersonal skills, design how you want to be in your relationships and find new ways to be more successful with everyone you come into contact with be it Romance or in Business.


Make Healthy Changes

If you have unhealthy habits that you were struggling to overcome for so long such us Stop Smoking, Drinking or Emotional Eating working with Nico is a great place to start, of course once you are absolutely certain that you want to stop doing any of the above. NLP and Hypnotherapy are extremely effective when it comes to removing addictions quickly and with NO side effect

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Peace Of Mind

Stress and Anxiety aren't static and they go up and down and it seems like we can't do anything to stop this. Once we realize that there is a pattern at Subconscious Level running every time we feel stressed or anxious and we need to do something in order to feel something then we can do something about it. The good news is that this was learned and can be unlearned in a very short time.

Success Stories

Thanks Nico for my hypnotherapy and coaching session, it's made a huge difference to my life. I can't thank you enough. The problem I was having was a major blockage that I really needed to overcome and with just one session it's gone! I now actually see it was always just a thought. You're amazing! X

Juliette, Glasgow, August 2017

My fear of driving was very real and I avoided driving places I was not familiar with at all costs the fear I had and the guilt I felt was horrible, I would let anyone else drive or not go places when I had to drive, I decided I wanted to get hypnotherapy as I wanted to be able to get in the car and just go wherever I wanted to go, and take my kids to different places, when I met you Nico, you put me at ease, you asked what I wanted to achieve, told me exactly what you were going to do and what we were trying to get out of this session. After about an hour or so, you did your magic and I felt the fear just disappeared, I no longer had that ache of fear when I thought about driving. I am going to a wedding soon in Glasgow and I am driving, it's a great feeling, I honestly did not think I could get over this and I feel I have in just one session, I have already recommend your great service to 2 of my friends, so thanks for your help on this!

Lisa, Motherwell, September 2017

Hi Nico, firstly want to say thank you so much for my NLP and hypnotherapy session. It has been just under a week and I can honestly say I am amazed! Felt so comfortable throughout the session, and already in the past week have noticed a huge improvement in my work, uni and in general life. Didn't expect results so quick after just one session.
Thanks again, Jade

Jade, Stirling, October 2017

Good Job Nico, allow me to thank you online for your services. After many years of smoking (21 years, reaching 40 cigarettes / day), thanks to you, I managed to defeat this vice. I recommend all of your services, are exceptional both in price and seriousness. Please, do not hesitate to seek the services of an expert, regardless of the inconvenience that you have! Greetings from Munich. Thanks again, Nico Leban !!!

Miki Karabencsov, Munich, January 2018

Serving Tools


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Hypnotherapy - we will use it with therapeutic purposes only and for the greater good. We will assess first and find out what would be the best approach for the change to happen naturally and effortlessly. Once we identify what needs to be acknowledged then we will work at subconscious level which is the only place where a change can truly happen.

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We will work with NLP by resetting and not replacing a state. The truth is that replacing may help but is not authentic. NLP is a fantastic way to ‘re-set’ to your true authentic self quickly & easily. Whatever challenges you are facing you were not born with them. What NLP does is finding how you construct your subjective experience and then re-setting it to your default mode. In the absence of bad there is only place for good!

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Life Coaching is one of the keys to a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. For everyone success looks, sounds or feels different. Life coaching is about discovering your unlimited potential that has always been there in you. The approach on this will be a guidance through a set of very powerful questions which will open many doors for you and you will see all your life from a totally different perspective.

Success or Happiness?

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Albert Schweitzer

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