Insomnia – Cured The Natural Way By Re-setting Your Sleeping Pattern

How to cure Insomnia the natural way?

The antidote for long term Insomnia is in you, actually inside you. We don’t like simple answers because they can be scary. This is the truth, inside you! No, it doesn’t come in a bottle or a pill for sure! Now there are people who may experience different levels of insomnia. Possible solution for the short term can be pills and medicine but the problem is for people who carry this everyday for a long time even years is not sustainable. In order to sustain Insomnia for months or years there must be a pattern at subconscious level that keeps us awake.

Why at one point even the medicine can’t do it anymore? There is only one answer: because like everything we consume and put into our body it runs its effect and then we need to take it again and again and again! It’s like coffee or sugar.

Then what do we do?

The natural reset at the deepest level is the answer! Also, Stress and Anxiety or Depression are somehow linked to Insomnia or the opposite. Why? Because for any of this conditions to happen we need to do something in our mind.

Let me explain in detail:

Our thoughts cannot be controlled they just come at high speed and at subconscious level and what happens is that we believe them and don’t question them??

We don’t know that they even exist until someone tells us. Big Mistake! Once we believe them we engage with them and then ultimately we feel anxious, stressed, depressed, we can’t sleep etc. It can be about things from the past, present worries or future. Maybe a meaning that we put on the outside world which we can’t control and we feel sad and carry with us everyday.

These thoughts are the problem that keeps us awake over and over again!

We see ourselves in our mind not sleeping staring at the walls in the night, we tell to ourselves “I cannot sleep” “tonight is gonna be another sleepless night again“ “I don’t know what to do, I am exhausted” etc. Then comes the feelings inside which we had it for so long and we don’t want to let it go although these feelings are not positive ones but addictive and negative ones. Thinking this way for so long we embedded this pattern so strong in the subconscious that now is almost impossible to stop it.

The solution to cure Insomnia the natural way we need to go back to basics to the time when we were kids.

When we were kids we didn’t really think if we can sleep or can’t though now we do. Trust me there is a hope and I am very happy to demonstrate this. Find how more here:


Author: Nico Leban – Expert in NLP Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Inside-Out