November 17, 2017



The things we overuse to fulfill an internal need over and over again.

For addictions like Smoking, Drinking or Emotional Eating working with Nico is a great place to start, of course once you are absolutely certain that you want to stop doing any of the above. NLP and Hypnotherapy are extremely effective when it comes to removing addictions and with NO side effects.

Addiction - Internal need

Addictions can be very dangerous over time and will Destroy your Confidence, your Drive, your Passion and your Control over your Life, also affect your Loved ones. We all have things we enjoy but too much and too often of anything it can definitely be harmful. Be it too much Sugar, Alcohol, Cigarettes or Food usually these are the signs that There's an internal need that must be fulfilled and your body and mind will always find a way to fulfil it. The question is: Is this sustainable and healthy? Does this way serve you? if the answer is NO then click here as there might be something you haven't considered. Let's find out.

Benefits after working with Nico:

  • Overcome crippling dependencies
  • Ability to reclaim your sense of power so that you move forward in your life
  • A strengthening of your discipline
  • Gain confidence and value yourself more

"Addiction is neither a choice nor a disease, but originates in a human being’s desperate attempt to solve a problem: the problem of emotional pain, of overwhelming stress, of lost connection, of loss of control, of a deep discomfort with the self."- Dr. Gabor Maté

Contact Nico here right now and see how we can solve this problem without using any chemicals. I am based in Glasgow and can work remotely as the schedule permits.