August 21, 2018

Stop Smoking, Start Breathing

Stop Smoking - Risk Free Methods!

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy and NLP, EFT in Glasgow or Remotely

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Painless, Natural and Drug Free, this unique program is enjoyable and powerful. Helping  you to take control and lead the new, healthier, habit-free life you desire.

Nico Leban’s most effective Hypnotherapy and NLP to stop smoking can help reduce the cravings, anxiety, irritability and even help you to avoid any  unwanted weight-gain that usually makes it so hard to stop smoking and to stay stopped

Nico Leban Coaching uses most up to date Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques so that you can quit smoking in usually 1 to max 3 Sessions.

Using this unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by re-setting and not replace a state and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), so that you can change the way you think about smoking, empowering you to quit all forms of tobacco: including cigarettes, cigars and roll-ups, giving you complete FREEDOM from ALL nicotine product; including E-cigs, patches, gums and sprays.

Just An example of Measured Results below ...

John - Glasgow, June 2018

Day 3 after Only One Stop Smoking Session

“hi Nico day 3 of no smoking think I'm handling it very well thank you for helping me put my head in the right place to aid me in my development to stop smoking”

Day 21 after Only One Stop Smoking Session

“still smoke & vap free my session with you certainly did the job thank you again Nico for your help 👍👍👍

Day 60 after Only One Stop Smoking Session

"would like to thank Nico great lad 2 months ago i had a session with Nico to get my head in the right place to stop smoking again smoked all my life until i stopped 6yrs ago then restarted about a year ago but 2 months ago Nico helped put my head in the right place and i haven't smoked since or session thanks again Nico"

♦♦♦ To book an appointment, or to find out more about private sessions in Glasgow, or if you want to know how Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you stop smoking or to make other vital changes in your life. ♦♦♦ We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment and costs. Begin a new life. Book an appointment with Nico to Stop Smoking Today!  Click here

Stop smoking for good with Hypnotherapy (by Re-setting from Inside-Out)

If you really want to stop smoking, Nico can dramatically increase your chances of achieving success. But he can’t make you do something you don’t want to do – for instance if you think you should stop but haven’t yet fully committed to making that choice. You have to be ready to quit and be willing to use your own essential will-power.

What is Nico’s Technique?

Hypnotherapy by Re-setting at Subconscious Level method was developed by Nico Leban, is a unique hybrid of Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT techniques that is both simple, elegant and highly effective. The Stop Smoking, Start Breathing is a powerful programme and a refined way to stop smoking for good. Quite simply, it provides both the structure and the method to bring about the quickest, most effective therapy for the client.

Why Hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT?

Using Hypnotherapy with NLP as its foundation, it enables the hypnotherapist to get to the heart of the problem in often just one single session. To some, the technique seems ‘miraculous’, particularly for clients who have spent years in counselling, psychotherapy, analysis etc.  The high success rate comes from the unique combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and latest techniques in EFT.


  • Transform the smoker mind into the healthy mind of a ‘non-smoker’
  • Learn powerful stress management techniques
  • A ‘super-effective’ stop smoking method!
  • Learn how to avoid unwanted weight gain!

Can you Imagine your Health and Wealth benefits without this Poisonous Habit?

  • Imagine how healthy you would feel every day if you were no longer taking in cigarette smoke, with its over 70 deadly carcinogenic poisons into your body.
  • Imagine how much younger, fitter and more attractive you would become if your body’s processes were working to optimise your health and energy, rather than being damaged daily.
  • Imagine how happy and confident you would feel, knowing that you had lengthened your life by many years or if not by many decades.
  • Imagine how rich you would be! Thousands of pounds more every year that you can spend on the things that you love.
  • Imagine how good food and drink will taste and smell, when your tastebuds recover.
  • Imagine how good you will feel when you are completely FREE from Nicotine Addiction.

The majority of our clients stop smoking in just one session. But of course, results may vary from person to person. A very small number of people may experience a setback after the first session, (usually because cigarettes are satisfying more complex needs – or you feel you are giving up unwillingly due to external pressure). This is rare, but if it happens a further session usually solves the issues. You CAN Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy and NLP in Glasgow.
*For all other issues except smoking Nico Leban’s therapy process usually takes between 2-5 sessions.
Contact us and we can discuss any concerns you may have.

I am based in Glasgow and can work remotely as the schedule permits.

Contact Nico Now and start looking forward to your Smoke-Free Life and enjoy the new healthy and happier YOU… it’s closer than you think!


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