November 17, 2017

Testing & Performance

Testing & Performance

Pareto Principle: Everything we do is 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics!

We don't have to be on the TV, play in the Premier League or be a superstar in any sports like tennis, football or running to benefit from the techniques used by Nico. The same applies for any presentation or testing. Regardless if you're a CEO or someone who's having a driving test the truth is that both want to perform to the very best they can.

As we all know the Device that controls everything during a performance with the slightest precision is Your Subconscious. That's why now is becoming much more important for athletes to have performance psychologists in addition to their coaches as well as for CEO's to keep them focused on what matters most.

Physical strength and preparation is important, but having Mental strength will make The difference no matter in what field you're and this is exactly where I can help you with, just get in touch with Nico HERE

Benefits after working with Nico:

  • Keep your psychological strength high
  • Keep your success sustainable in any situation and environment
  • Be able to laser focus on what you want to achieve with high certainty
  • Keep yourself away from self-sabotaging your own success

Would be an honour to serve you to the best of my abilities so contact Nico here now to find out more. I am based in Glasgow and can work remotely as the schedule permits.