Single and Looking for Someone Special?

Creating Healthy Relationships – Solutions from the Inside Out!

The internal world is the place a relationship is created first and then everything else follows.

A healthy relationship with others starts with the relationship you have with yourself first.

I will address 1 category today out of 2 to follow and that is about romantic relationships.

Single and looking for a Relationship?

I have been there done that too, when we want to find somebody and get in a serious relationship usually we come from a place of scarcity and neediness. We put so much pressure on ourselves and even those around us do too by asking when you are going to find somebody for you? you are old, lonely, something is wrong with you, this is not normal, time is flying, you have one life, life is short etc.

Now being in this place and mindset no chances you can find someone that you truly want and deserve when the pressure on your shoulders is just too much!

Almost impossible!

Then what happens?

Maybe you just settle with whatever comes in your way and gives you attention even if this is not what you want. Bear with me here because actually you can do it and you can learn to be patient but more importantly make a check-in on your inside with your heart and soul and once you do that you must learn to be yourself at all times.

At one point for some reason you stop being yourself you are probably not gonna be happy anyways.

There is only one way to attract what you really want and this is to be brutally honest with yourself on what you want and not what you think you want because of the society, family, what you learned at school etc.

The final bit is you must become the person you would like to attract!

You want somebody successful you must be successful first, you want somebody good communicator you must become that person otherwise it won’t work for you and your partner to be happy together.

One more thing: Attraction is not a choice! Never forget this! Don’t try too hard and go with the flow and be a gentleman no matter what! Somebody will like you, somebody will love you, somebody will not, so what? Somebody is waiting for you. Remember that you are a gift and whoever you choose to spend your time with make sure is worth, if you see signals that you don’t like from the very beginning wish them love and leave the spot for someone else. What is yours will come your way only if you are willing to put in the effort.

How can you do all I have just said above?

You can do it by Connecting to your Inner Self and get rid of any old conditioning we all have by resetting your unhealthy patterns with Romantic Relationships at Subconscious Level.