Solve Challenges in your Relationship

So you are in a relationship and have challenges that you want to overcome?

You are in exactly the right place here and my only intention is to show you below that you can transform your relationship no matter what,  if you really want this. You have got to be honest first with yourself and this is the absolute key.

In the very beginning there is love, compassion, euphoria, excitement, understanding, optimism and the two new partners swear to be doing everything for each other and supporting each other with no expectations at all. Lots of fun is going on effortlessly between the two hearts. 

If your partner asks you take the trash out you jump and take the trash out, you do almost everything for them. What happens down the line 3-6-12 months when your partner asks you, could you take the trash out please? and you say who do you think you are? I am not your slave, don’t you think that is too much to ask of me, just go and take it out yourself etc 

And this is the very beginning of the end or at least of a relationship with expectations and pain. 

Then what is the secret of maintaining the love, passion, compassion and respect moving forward etc?

There is only one answer: Do what you did in the very beginning with no expectations and from the place of love and fun without getting to serious at least for a while! Give to your partner without expecting anything in returns and this is the starting point. 

Will share here with you something that might transform your relationship for you the one reading this just follow me below. I promise you deserve to be in a dream relationship and it’s absolutely possible for you. 

There is a book called 5 Love Languages which saved many marriages and relationships. Basically what this book teaches you is your primary love language and your secondary, once you know them you can share them with your partner but not yet! 

First pay close attention and ask your partner: What do I need to do for you, in order for you to feel my love?

It may be touching (cuddles), words of appreciation, act of service or giving little gifts now and then and whatever it may be you must do this for at least 3-6 months with no expectations at all. 

Now this will be challenging because we all give love the way we would like to receive it. Remember this is not about you to be loved it’s about you sharing your love! Do what your partner says to you. 

After a while 6 months you can tell your partner if you wish about your love languages and what makes you feel loved and communicate as much as you can. 

Communication once was said that is the most important puzzle in a relationship!

There is not much we can do or change to make our relationship work if we cannot communicate properly and dissolve conflicts immediately. 

If you don’t see any improvement from both sides and giving love to each other is not coming your ways then maybe it’s time to let it go.

First you will need to be brutally honest with yourself and see the things they really are and not pretend or tell yourself a story. 

Everything you really need is in you even when it comes to overcoming challenges in a relationship. 

The right and honest answer is always there ready at Subconscious Level but can be scary to see it and hear it or sometimes you don’t know that you actually have it because what is at Subconscious can’t be seen at Conscious level. 

Speaking from my side and working with people’s Subconscious I can tell you that the truth will set you free and get the pain away, whatever the pain in the relationship may be. Transformations can happen only at Subconscious Level which is the driver in our lives.

The subconscious mind has plenty of solutions for us we just need to access them and this is the most effective and quickest way in my opinion to make lasting change happen.