The Secret Of A New Start

The truth is that our life is made of moments and decisions.

Let’s put it this way what do you truly feel at this moment that you would like to do, improve or change next?

Here is the biggest enemy of a new decision and execution – Perfection!

It doesn’t have to be the perfect moment, environment or whatever Perfect may be!

The biggest lesson for me so far is that when you start working on something new, first draft is first draft!

It may be a new project, new career, new relationship, new version of you; as long as it serves its purpose that is good enough. Just get started, be kind to yourself and don’t put a lot of pressure, eventually you will get there.

Trail and error, refine and refine, polish and polish!

In a few weeks time the point you started is so far behind and the thing you started working on is completely unrecognizable compare to where you started.

When you think about it in a month time you could have become wiser, and much closer to the place you really want to be, much nicer and hard to recognize yourself. Only if you decided today!