What, Why, Who, How? When, Where? It’s about Relation-ships!



What is a relationship? Well a relationship can have multiple meanings from love, excitement to joy, adventure and can even end up being a simple transaction between two bodies. It depends on your blue print. Usually it starts strongly when 2 people relate to each other in one way or multiple ways.


Simply because relationships make us feel more alive and the time can be bent between two human beings in love.

With the wrong person and there can be unbearable pain to be worn and it’s simply not worth.


The two lovers can start from a point of going into a relationship to get something from each other such us fulfilment, happiness, excitement, pride, attention, relief, support etc

This love is called fish love! Let me explain it here, the point is if you really loved fish you wouldn’t eat fish but you do because it gives you nourishment not because of the love you have for fish etc

Or, it can be that the two lovers go into a relationship to give to each other as much as they can and put their partner, lover, boyfriend/girlfriend first before even themselves. Brings me back to Tony Robbins quote: “the secret of living is growing and giving” so definitely make sense to grow together and give when you are especially in a relationship.


Usually the more common interests you two have and the more you are willing to honestly discover and be open to one another without judging what’s right or wrong the better and more enjoyable the relationship is gonna be.


Usually when there is a free choice and that choice is each other then there is freedom which nothing can be more beautiful then “wanting someone” over “needing someone” very big difference in these two statements.


Well we can have relationships anywhere on this earth and the problem is the only limit on where to find high quality people with whom to create a relationship is only the internal map we all navigate this world with. A good thing to remember is that the map is not the territory it’s only a brief fraction of the real territory.

In conclusion don’t limit your possibilities only by checking what is within your head, get out of your head and consider the bigger picture.

Top tip worthwhile to remember:

Some people will love you, some people won’t, some people will like you and some people won’t. And that’s perfectly fine, so what? Somebody is waiting to meet that real person that you only are on the inside and outside. There are almost 8 Billion people on this planet and plenty for you to meet and create something truly magical. So, Stay true to yourself no matter what and the universe will align the things in your life for you in a much better and quicker order.

Whatever you do, choose Love over anything else and you will be happy. Communicate from the place of love always too and you will see wonders happening in your life.

Choose Love, Compassion and Kindness today and everyday, Nico